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Environmental Compliance
E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste: a responsibility to the environment…

At NC Computer Recycling, we aspire to build awareness of the adverse impact the mismanagement or improper disposal of electronic assets has on the environment. We provide conscientious elimination of electronics for both the future of our business and the future of our planet, because we believe if all companies, organizations, and individuals reduce the scope of their professional and personal carbon footprints we can make a difference together.

Zero landfill. Zero incineration. Zero export of non-functioning assets and e-waste. These are our core environmental policies; these are our way to make a difference.

An environmental friendly history…

We maintain and will continue to maintain a sustainable operation as we have done since the founding of NC Computer Recycling nearly two decades ago. We will continue advocating corporate and government agencies to keep retired IT assess out of the waste stream and our landfills, not just because we recognize that there is a strong global demand for high-quality refurbished electronics, but because a zero-landfill policy is better for our planet.

To meet this goal we maintain a closed-loop environmental management system.

  • All of our company's processes are ISO 14001 certified, R2 certified, and comply with all federal, state, and local laws.
  • We track every asset we received by serial numbers so nothing is "unaccounted for".
  • Any unit that we cannot add value to is transported to down-stream partners for proper recycling. We take every effort to recycle 100 percent of what we receive.
  • 90 percent of the assets we receive re-enter the market.
  • We go above and beyond to protect customer information and security.
  • We uphold our environmental policies worldwide with every client everywhere, no matter the local policy.
  • We do not export to developing countries, such as China, India and Africa, in compliance with the Basel Action Network Ban.
  • We reach out to the communities we work within.
  • We continually search for more efficient and environmentally friendly work practices.

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