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Data Destruction Process
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DRM's Data Management Three-Phase Process

Digital storage devices take many different shapes, therefore DRM has taken the time to develop a three-step technique to deal with the issue of managing and storing company and private data:

Digital Data Removal

The processes that are used by DRM meet all necessary requirements, including reaching the purge rating, the highest security level that is acknowledged by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The certified processes that we have developed are an approved sanitizing solution by the United States Department of Defense. This software meets DOD 5220.22-M, along with the National Security Agency standards. It also meets the standards for eradication offered by NIST known as NIST 800-88.

Our electronic data removal service completely and totally erases all program files, data, and operating systems. We work to ensure that we remove all corporate identification tags to ensure your privacy, and every unit is tracked and logged by a manufacturer and serial number.

Physical Destruction System

Specifically designed to process hard drives, we put to use a commercial shredder as part of our data securing process when physical damage is required. This process of shredding the hard drive ensures that each drive is completely and totally destroyed.

Every shipment that we receive is handled based on the needs of our clients. First, equipment that contains information is dealt with in the data security area to ensure all data is destroyed in a safe location. If our customer has allowed for continued use of the item, we will then move into testing to determine the condition and operation of each piece. If equipment is meant to be refurbished, it will be inspected and cleared of all corporate markings. The equipment that is not going to market for reuse is sent directly to our disassembly area.

DRM offers plenty of the capability and experience needed to meet any of your information security needs. All personal and corporate data will be completely erased or destroyed based on your specifications.

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