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DRM E-Waste
Recycling Process

Our Process

  • DRM Computer Recycling recycles all end-of-life technology assets
  • Industry standards drive the DRM process
  • No equipment is shipped overseas or out of State for recycling
  • Processing is managed locally

Customers can feel comfortable that the recycling of their discarded equipment is managed in a manner that does not contribute to environmental harm of third world nations.

DRM 3-Phase E-Recycling Process

DRM follows a 3-Phase process for recycling non-functioning computer and electronic equipment.

1st Phase - Electronic Triage:

  • The equipment delivered to our processing facility is weighed, labeled and inventoried
  • The equipment is inspected and sorted according to its destiny: "New Life", Repurpose, Termination
  • "New Life" units, for reuse or refurbishing: all data on the "New Life" equipment is destroyed following Defense Department 5220-22-M and NIST 800-88 standards
  • "New Life" units are retested and purchased by reuse markets

2nd Phase - Repurpose:

Electronic equipment failing visual inspection is sent to the Repurposing area. The equipment is then separated into plastics, metals, and glass and the resalable individual components are recovered and delivered for reuse.

3rd Phase - Termination:

After parting the electronics, the remaining parts and materials are processed and reintroduced into the recycling stream for manufacturing new products.

DRM Workflow: Dependability and Convenience

DRM employs a ridged step-by-step system that ensures full compliance with most agency requirements. These steps can be customized to meet client specifications.

1. Needs and Risk Inventory
A DRM representative discusses your agency's data destruction needs, and works with you, to prepare a No Landfill-No Export electronics recycling plan that is synchronized with your required data security protocols.

2. Agreement
DRM's contracted promise to ensure your agency's data integrity, while effectively managing the secure elimination of designated end-of-life computer and electronic equipment.

3. Calendar
Your DRM representative works with your designated agent to schedule optimal times for On-site and Off-Site processing.

4. Inventory
Accurate accounting is the first step in the DRM process. Items in DRM's care are inventoried, using serial numbers and product information.

5. Distribution
DRM's truck fleet is the next best thing to an armored truck for transporting your recyclables and sensitive data. Trucks have GPS tracking technology and invasion intrusion defense reinforcement. All DRM employees are U.S. citizens and undergo thorough security checks.

6. Completion Documentation
At the heart of DRM's process is comprehensive certification. When all data destruction and/or electronics recycling are completed, clients receive a completed, auditable inventory and a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling. This certifies that the assigned work is completed. Both DRM and you receive a notarized, legal document signed by a company officer.

7. Customer Evaluation Review
DRM constantly listens to Customers. Following completion of a work contracts, you will be asked for your assessment of our job performance.

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