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End of Life Technology Asset
Management Services


At DRM, we'll work with you to determine which asset management service option is right for your organization. All of our services come with a full zero-liability guarantee ensuring all security requirements, applicable lease terms, and government regulations have adhered too. Our experienced team will seek out the most environmentally friendly and profitable solution for your decommissioned technology assets.

You'll receive a private consultation to develop a time and cost-effective plan for your company which may include the following options:

Technology Asset Recycling

Our recycling process exceeds the EPA's standards and we continuously strive to create more sustainable operations at our independently audited facilities. We endeavor to not only reduce our environmental footprint but yours as well. DRM follows a zero-landfill, zero-exportation, zero-incineration policy.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

At DRM, we can help improve your company's end-of-life technology management practices and strategic decision making by offering proper IT asset disposition. Our services allow you to maintain complete control over your assets while we ensure that all compliance issues are fulfilled and your data is secure and sanitized. We offer a truly risk-free experience.

Secure Digital Data Destruction

The data stored on IT equipment used in all industries from corporate to public sector organizations can pose a security risk if left unsecured. Our services annihilate all data, including that which is protectively marked or confidential, while complying with all protection legislation and government standards. We offer both on-site and off-site solutions.

Asset Remarketing and Recovery Services

We guarantee that you won't get a better return on your excess or end-of-life assets with any other asset recovery and remarketing company. Our highly experienced team excels at maximizing returns while minimizing risk. DRM can purchase your equipment outright or provide a revenue-sharing system to fit your unique needs.

Logistics Management

We've become a recognized leader in turnkey transportation and logistics services for a reason. Our services include de-installation, nationwide logistics, and site-to-site transportation. Our specialists can come right to your facility to remove any unwanted assets with minimal disruption and full transparency-you can you even assign us an overseer if you like. We offer on-site secure packing that adheres to the most stringent safe-shipping standards. You'll be provided with a full report detailing all de-installation steps complete with item serial numbers for your verification and records.

Lease Returns

With our information technology asset management services, your staff can get back to what they do best while we handle all the necessary steps to return your leased IT hardware. By allowing DRM to take care of your lease returns you'll enjoy minimized damage risk and avoid costly monthly fees as a result of possible late returns.

E-Scrap Purchasing

You can turn your processed or unprocessed e-scrap into cash with ease by allowing us to take it off your hands-we'll even pick it up. We accept nearly all broken or unwanted equipment including circuit boards, processors, memory (RAM), EPROMS, IC's, transistors and more. We pride ourselves not only on flexible payment options and competitive pricing but on exceptional service.

Asset Evaluation

Do you have unused IT equipment just taking up space? If so, let us come by and evaluate its value. Even outdated or broken assets often have a residual value that can be harvested. We'll provide you a detailed report of your options, and may even offer to purchase your old equipment for fair market value on the spot.

Asset Auditing & Reporting

We regularly perform audits during all of our services and provide full reports back to you. In fact, because we assign each asset a unique serial number in our system, you check the status of your project at any time ensuring you full transparency. If you require specific reports or have any special requirements, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs. We're here to serve you.

Chain of Custody

At DRM, we understand that nothing ensures a secure and safe process more than a well-monitored chain of custody. We track all your assets from start to finish and report back to you to ensure the security of your hardware and potentially sensitive data. Our reports to you will include a location-based timeline, identification of the current owner, records of destructions, and full explanation of processing.

E-Waste Removal

We can safely remove any old technology equipment you may have including computers, cabling, phone systems, office electronics, and more. Upon removal, we'll ensure that all equipment is disposed of in a secure and environmentally responsible manner. We even offer warehouse clean-out services. Our expert team arrives on time every time and works quickly and efficiently to get the job done right.

Technology Asset Liquidation Services

If you're looking to liquidate your excess technology equipment, look no further. We offer all-inclusive liquidation services. First, one of our certified team will come to you and provide an assessment, and should you desire, we'll work out a strategic plan to maximize your return. We can handle all aspects of the liquidation process including de-installation, secure packing, transportation, asset audits, remarketing or recycling if applicable.

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