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Reverse Logistics
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Reverse Logistics Process: ITAD & E-Recycling

Logistics management is a vital component of IT disposal. DRM customizes its approach to Asset recovery based on customer needs. One size fits all approaches bundle shipping cost with recycling costs resulting in the customer often paying a great deal more than necessary.

Asset Identification, Removal, and Pickup

DRM offers prompt, professional service for removal of discarded electronic hardware. Our logistics teams have extensive experience un-installing, removing, and transporting equipment. For companies not equipped with loading docks, we will remove your equipment directly out of the offices.

DRM's "customer first" approach is the foundation for ensuring seamless transactions between DRM and our customers throughout the entire recycling process. Our goal is to provide a program with the following benefits:

  • De-installation
  • Asset identification
  • Efficient and prompt pickups
  • Destruction of data prior to leaving your facility or data destruction through chain-of-custody reporting
  • Application of barcode tags for tracking equipment during transfer
  • Validation of assets against master asset lists
  • Proactive communication

Transport, Tracking, and Accountability

DRM can arrange for single-use transportation under security seal or provide lockable chests to prevent a breach of security during the movement of media-containing equipment. Transport is sustained by DRM fleet, operated by verified staff and equipped with GPS tracking.

DRM provides numerous protected options to safeguard IT assets as they make their way through the disposal process. Safe and defined chains of custody aligned with a customer's process are a crucial service offered by DRM.

  • Secure and effective logistics
  • GPS monitoring for timeless accountability
  • Security-sealed, single-use vehicles
  • Secure conveyance lockboxes
  • DRM fleet vehicles


With an unbroken chain of custody, from collection to destruction, DRM is fully equipped to manage a broad portfolio of electronics equipment. When assets arrive at our facilities, they are securely warehoused until processing commences. Asset tags and other customer identifying markers are removed from the equipment. These initial actions ensure data security and protection of corporate brands and privacy if the equipment is refurbished and resold.

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Outdated or surplus electronics can be detrimental to your operations and profitability. Knowing that space, like time, is valuable; DRM can warehouse any amount of dead equipment that you would like removed.

We work closely with each client to ensure a swift and trouble-free transition. Our project management team is eager to remove your assets quickly and efficiently. You simply schedule pickups and our customer service representatives ensure that your needs are met. The timely, efficient and secure removal of our clients' equipment is a priority for us. We continually seek improvements in our efficiency and safety performance.

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