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Digital Data Wiping
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Data erasure services from DRM can ensure that any end-of-life you have is erased in the most secure and cost-effective manner possible. The volume of stored data that most organizations have is only increasing - in forms like USB drives, memory cards, HDD, and more - and all of it requires management.

Why it's important to delete data completely?

Just deleting data from a computer's hard drive or other storage device doesn't mean that it is completely gone and never to be retrieved.

There are a number of negative outcomes possible when sensitive data ends up in someone's hands. Anything from losing reputation or losing a business - all the way up to criminal liability - could be on the table. It is critical that all traces of any sensitive information are erased to meet the industry requirements for customer privacy, data security, and more. This data removal should be well-documented, and it is a best practice to use a data erasure solution when:

  • You have data stored electronically that you would not want to be seen by anyone outside of the household or organization
  • The sensitive information that is stored could lead to negative outcomes if found by the wrong people, leading to liability or loss
  • Many people mistakenly think that simply deleting files from a drive renders them completely erased. This is not true.
  • The regulatory requirements in your field demand documented proof of the complete erasure of sensitive data and customer information.

How can we help you?

The Eraser portfolio that we have developed, including software and hardware, offers the tools you need for effective destruction and disposal of end-of-life data. DRM has developed these tools to be cost-effective and secure solutions to the challenge of end-of-life data destruction.

  • Erasure Hardware: Using a demagnetizing process that destroys data stored on hard drives and other media, our Erasure Degausser works on drives that are functional and non-functional.
  • Eraser Services: These services include our specialists wiping all of the data from your storage media, providing you with a certification of the erasure, and optional disposal or the media post-erasure in an environmentally-friendly fashion.
  • Erasure Verification Services: An expert will independently evaluate your media and verify that no data can be found after erasure has been completed.

Data Wiping Considerations

  • Do you want to sell the PC, donate it, or just throw it away?
  • Your data erasure options should be influenced if you are hoping to recycle the hard drive
  • Don't just give away your old PC without finding out about erasure plans for the data
  • Require proof that all data has been completely erased.
  • A security policy that outlines data erasure procedures should be established by any professional organization.

Is DRM the right solution for your business?
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