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Data Security Risks
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Data Security and Corporate Data Risks

All organizations are affected by the need for digital data security. So much personal information is passed around online today that is has never been more important that companies have a reliable provider of secure data destruction services. The data in question - things like customer and employee records, financial information, industry research, and more - is highly sensitive because unsecured data can lead to many problems such as identity theft, or loss of intellectual property. Also, regulatory noncompliance can become an issue.

When electronics that contain sensitive data near the end of their life cycle is when this data becomes the most vulnerable. The DRM processes are audited and provide peace of mind and the assurance that the reputation and privacy of your company will remain intact.

By adhering to a specific set of industry standards, companies can know that the eliminated computer data has been completely destroyed and that the hard drives in question have be left inoperable, physically destroyed, or unreadable and cleansed (in the case of drives that are to be reused).

  • Returning equipment at the end of the lease (Security responsibility doesn't end with lease)
  • End-of-lifecycle media that is to be disposed of
  • Migrating data in the case of vender returns for credit or use in a new department
  • Drives that have failed during regular maintenance

Having a clear and comprehensive data disposal plan in place is just as important as having a plan for data retention. By using an established company, such as DRM, companies can go a long way toward ensuring they don't lose sensitive information to the wrong hands.

Incomplete Data Wipes

Hard drives that are left with residual data can be sold to third parties if the data wipe program does not include a validation step as part of the process.

Mobile Devices

The risk of data loss through stolen or lost mobile devices cannot be completely thwarted even by the best of compliance programs.

Remote Employees

Successful digital data security is a serious challenge when portable devices such as laptops, thumb drives, portable hard drives, and tablet devices are lost or stolen.

Smart Devices - Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines

These devices are well-known to IT professionals for their security risks. Unfortunately, when these kinds of assets are managed by non-IT professionals, such as accounting or facilities staff, the risks may not be as well-understood.

Unsecured Handling and Transport of Electronics

Often, the IT and compliance departments within an organization will have clear processes for how electronic assets are to be managed. However, those processes are often limited to the walls of the organization and don't deal with the risks that exist outside.

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