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E-Recycling Process
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Computer e-waste recycling process: how does it work?

Our computer and electronics recycling process is unparalleled in scale and quality of performance, because, at DRM, we couple state-of-the-art equipment and technology with the best minds in the industry.

Accountability and transparency form the foundation of our solid business practices. We offer a single chain of custody that minimizes the potential for digital data breaches and environmental harm during transport. We promise each of our customers a defined and tracked process that offers safe and secure document disposal.

What can we offer your company?

Our services include asset auditing, verification, data wiping, hard drive destruction, resale, warehousing, redeployment, refurbishment and repair of equipment and recycling and destruction of e-waste. These services are available both locally in the San Francisco Bay area, and on a national basis via our partners.

Asset Auditing

We can assess assets you feel are no longer useful at your organization and provide you a detailed analysis of their value. Your end-of-life electronics may be upgradable for resale or reuse or contain valuable recyclables. We'll explore your options to ensure you receive an optimal return on your investments, and take action at your request to complete every step of the process for you.

A collection, Receiving and Transport

Should you choose to recycle your e-waste with DRM we'll arrange pickup for you whether you have a single pallet or an entire truckload. We'll arrange logistics, including accurate tracking by weight, based on your individual needs. All of our drivers and transport partners have been through rigorous background checks and are bonded and insured.

Once we receive assets, we check them against a unique load identifier that traces your electronics from pick-up to the final resale or destruction to provide complete accountability. We individually track every item with extensive documentation. Loads are visually inspected and verified by hand and the information gathered is updated into our online system by serial number so you can monitor your order from the office. This tracking system provides continually updated progress on your assets recovery. At the end of the process, we also provide full certification to facilitate compliance with all legislative requirements.


Our innovative recycling process is the pride of our organization. We employ a combination of manual and mechanical systems to provide safe and secure recycling services while surpassing all government laws and regulations to help you protect our environment while reaping the highest return on your assets as possible. All of your digital data is guaranteed to be 100 percent destroyed. Your assets will be processed based on your needs, and we'll keep you informed every step of the way.

Hazard Removal

Many electronics contain a component with hazardous materials, such as mercury, toner/ink, leaded glass and batteries, which can harm the environment if not handled properly. During our recycling process, all toxic or potentially hazardous materials are handled with extreme care by our certified handlers and audited downstream partners.

Shredding and Highgrading

After we've removed hazardous components, your assets are sorted by type and shredded before being further sorted and processed by eddy currents, de-lamination mills, optical finders, and other proprietary technology effectively separating metals and plastics by type resulting in clean high-grade commodities.

Optional On-site services

Our equipment allows us to complete numerous on-site services outside the e-recycling process including asset removal, hard drive wiping, media shredding, asset security lockers, collection events, and more.


The standard documentation you will receive includes:

  • A Certificate of Destruction and Recycling
  • Shipping documents and confirmation
  • A Data Capture report (if applicable)

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