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Where Does
Our E-Waste Go?

What Happens to our E-waste?

Among all kinds of wastes, E-waste is one of the most dangerous types. Electronic waste from electronic equipment contains dangerous chemicals, including cadmium, mercury, beryllium and flame retardants containing bromide. When equipment is disposed of improperly, these hazardous materials can contaminate soil, pollute the air, and leach into the water table. To dispose of the harmful elements correctly, special recycling technology and equipment are required.

Reuse is the goal!

We strongly believe in reuse over processing (a.k.a. Recycling) because even the most responsible processing still has an impact. This is what happens to your e-waste after it is collected by DRM.

E-waste is sorted into one of two categories:

  • Reuse: DRM refurbishes and resells as much equipment as possible, giving a new life to old electronics.
  • Processing: Equipment that cannot be refurbished is recycled.

E-waste is removed by trained technicians. Items are packed into the DRM truck with care, to protect from any breakage of electronic devices. A broken device has no value to us.

Your e-waste is then transported to our facility where items are separated and classified either "reusable" or "recyclable."

"Reusable" items are refurbished and sold through various outlets. "Recyclable" items are processed for the proper removal of hazardous materials and processing for commodities.

The processing phase involves shredding, refining and then reselling on the open market. Materials are used to create new products. We export no e-waste items.

We All have e-waste!

DRM recycles e-waste collected from California residents and businesses. We prevent the landfill process through recycling or reuse. Plus - we make it simple!

Doing the Most Good

Exporting hazardous electronic waste overseas is illegal. United States law prohibits trading in certain metals and laws in some developing countries forbid importing the materials. 175 members of the United Nations ratified the Basel Convention, which called for the end of dumping hazardous wastes of all kinds on developing nations. However, local governments in many of these countries ignore the Convention, and trade continues.

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