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On-Site Data Destruction
SF Bay Area

Is your company at risk for a data breach?

Allowing your sensitive data to land in the wrong hands can cost your company millions of dollars as well as cause irreversible reputational harm. We offer a wide range of certified data destruction services to ensure your confidential information stays confidential.

Our on-location data destruction services are ideal for those seeking both secure and convenient solutions for obsolete electronics. We'll send one our certified technicians to you where they will degauss or physically destroy your media storage devices using National Security approved technology. Once services are rendered, you can rest assured that all of your data is eliminated - you'll even receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

Physical data destruction

If you're the type that likes to see results, consider opting for our physical data destruction services. How does it work?

  • First, our mobile destruction truck will travel to your location.
  • Next, the serial numbers for each asset will be recorded.
  • Then, each of those assets will be shredded.
  • The shredded materials are secured, loaded and transported to our facility for proper recycling.
  • Finally, well provide you with a Certificate of Destruction and a full inventory list of all the devices destroyed by serial number.

On-site Data Erasure Services

If you're interested in retaining your assets for future re-use, we also offer on-site erasure services. These services eliminate all data on any media devices present, while leaving the equipment fully operational. Our on-site erasure services are typically reserved for large volume clients, but please don't hesitate to contact us with your inquiry either way.

Our on-site erasure services:

  • Allow for secure server room break-downs
  • Keep critical or classified media on your premises
  • Provide certified data erasure

Scheduling Our On-site Data Destruction and Erasure Services

Our on-site services can be scheduled in advance to meet your needs. Fees associated with services are based on a base site visit fee and addition fees per unit. You can contact us toll free at 415-366-8120 or by email:

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