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E-Recycling Solutions
by Business Type

DRM's mission is to be your solution provider for electronic and computer recycling services in the San Francisco Bay Area. While each business is unique in many ways, DRM's goal is ensuring that each customer receives the following:

  • Compliance: local, state, and federal statutes and laws.
  • Environmentally friendly recycling
  • Custom designed recycling solutions

This is accomplished by providing cutting edge technology for our sustainable collection programs. DRM verification process uses barcode tracking, CCTV verification, and the creation of multiple reports. Data destruction occurs in an ultra-secure dedicated area. DRM's technology end-of-life solutions are custom-tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Enterprises / Corporations

DRM helps your company maximize the value of IT assets through refurbishment, redeployment, and resale, as well as protecting small business information and intellectual property with 100% (EOL) end-of-life services.

OEM Manufacturers

OEMs, or Original Equipment Manufacturers, are faced with many challenges pertaining to the lifecycle of their products. Product lifecycle management in the electronics industry is a thorny issue. Rapid advancements in technology, a proliferation of consumer electronics, and product obsolescence are viewed as the fastest-growing waste stream in the world - electronic waste. Then comes the 'wrench in the works' question; that is responsible for managing these products at the end of their useful lives?

Small & Medium Businesses

Today's economy finds increasing numbers of IT staff wearing different hats. The impact from this condition is greatest for smaller businesses.

DRM has a comprehensive solution for small business electronic and computer recycling. We work with small businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and create affordable long-term waste-recycling solutions.

Government / Municipalities

As new technologies emerge and become the standard, the government requires the fastest, most effective and secure environment to ship out the old computer and electronics equipment. DRM's Bay Area electronics recycling center provides government/municipalities with advanced security and compliance regulations for the destruction of sensitive data and recycled equipment.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

The changing landscape of state legislation affects thousands of US collector/recycling providers. DRM provides cutting-edge end-of-life processing and IT asset recovery programs to maximize your profit.

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