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Responsible E-Recycler
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What is E-waste?

All decommissioned, de-manufactured, broken, and/or unused electronics are examples of e-waste, or as classified by the U.S government, "universal waste." E-waste can contain hazardous materials, such as mercury, chromium, and lead. When e-waste is recycled improperly, these hazardous materials can pose a threat to human health and the environment. As a result, e-waste requires treatment that differs from common household waste creating the need for specialized companies like DRM.

Why Choose a Responsible Recycler?

Responsible recyclers:

  • Strive to prevent pollution.
  • Ensure safe practices and healthy working conditions.
  • Strive for reduced waste and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Ensure sensitive data security at every step of the recycling process.
  • Strive to create more sustainable operations that use fewer natural resources.
  • Ensure e-waste and its toxic components are not shipped overseas or handled illegally.

We aren't just Responsible Recycling (R2) certified, we are committed to environmentally responsible electronic recycling, that's why we track every item we receive from start to finish-even when it's left our facility. We comply with all government and voluntary regulations, reclaim natural resources when possible, uphold a zero-landfill policy, and never export to underdeveloped countries for processing.

In addition to health concerns, using a responsible recycler can also protect you and your company from the well-known and costly liabilities associated with data destruction and recycling. As a full cycle electronics recycling company, DRM has combined the necessary legal standards and voluntary guidelines, such as the R2 and ISO 14001 standards, with a commitment to delivering our customers top quality recycling services to create a fully inclusive offering, which includes:

  • Established policies which promote reuse and repair.
  • An internal system that controls and audits downstream management of end-of-life materials.
  • A commitment to a no-incineration and no-landfill policy.
  • An archive of detailed records of all recycling activity.
  • A guarantee that focus materials, including cathode ray tubes (CRT's), CRT glass, batteries, and other lead, mercury or polychlorinated biphenyl-containing items, will only be sent to certified downstream partners within countries that legally accept them (NON-OECD).

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