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E-Recycling for Non-Profits
SF Bay Area

Not-for-Profits and Electronic Waste

DRM has partnered with over 100 Not-for-Profit Agencies in recognition of the value in properly disposing of unwanted electronic equipment and devices. The equipment may contain metals and other elements that can be hazardous to human and animal health and the environment.

DRM provides clients with Certificates of Destruction and Certificates of Recycling, certifying that materials we receive are handled in compliance with State and Federal guidelines and regulations. Receipt of the Certificates transfers the liability of safe electronic recycling from customer to DRM. The documented information can be useful in proving compliance and for challenging claims.

DRM's Technology

DRM employs cutting-edge recycling technology through downstream recycle partners and use cloud technology to manage the processing of obsolete electronics. Our business process management system seamlessly connects every aspect of the recycling operation, reflecting data in real-time. Customers log in to view the status of past and in-process orders. This feature makes the customer compliant with State and Federal e-waste disposal regulations.

Promotional Events

For certain not-for-profits, we host an electronics-recycling day at their site. Please give us a call to discuss the logistics of arranging an annual e-waste recycling day for your business.

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