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E-Recycling Purchasing
SF Bay Area

At DRM, we are committed to offering competitive pricing with flexible payment methods on e-scrap while providing superior customer service. We strive to be the best outlet for electronic, non-ferrous, and ABS plastic scrap.

Building relationships…

We searched the globe to find downstream vendors boasted among the best in the world at processing electronic scrap. We've worked since day one to establish strong relationships with those vendors and smelters to allow us to offer premium prices without sacrificing quality. This dedication to affordable pricing and superior customer service has made us one of the industry leaders in scrap processing and purchasing.

Ensuring quality…

We are a certified electronics recycling corporation, and we ensure that all the vendors we work with are audited to these standards as well. We believe it is our responsibility to recycle all the materials we received in an environmentally sustainable way and feel accountability throughout the entire process is the only way to achieve this.

Our services…

DRM is located in Hayward, CA. However, we purchase and pick up all quantities of electronic scrap anywhere in the San Francesco Bay Area. You may also drop offs your scrap with an appointment.

Our payment terms are negotiable, but in most cases, we can provide you with a settlement summary for your materials along with payment within 15 days of receipt. ACH wire transfers are available.

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