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Responsible E-Recycling
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E-Waste Recycling - Environmentally Responsible Practices

We know that when done properly, recycling electronics can be a simple and eco-friendly process that is beneficial for the economy. At DRM, we designed our process to result in a clean stream of material more suitable for reuse, because we strive to recycle or reuse 100 percent of the materials we receive. Our approach to the reuse and recycling of electronics is built on a foundation of commitment to protecting our customers, our employees, and our planet.

To honor our commitment and deliver the most efficient and effective reuse and recycling services possible, we operate in accordance with the following standards:

  • We will guarantee full accountability.
  • We will perform within a clearly defined and fully documented closed-loop process.
  • We will conduct frequent, on-site audits of our downstream vendors.
  • We will ensure all hazardous materials are properly handled in compliance with all regulations and laws.

The computer and electronic equipment you use every day are highly engineered products made up of countless materials beyond steel, plastic, copper, aluminum, and batteries. We take these complex devices and efficiently upgrade and repair them for reuse or dismantle, shred and separate them to produce a usable stream of raw materials for new products, all while ensuring the safe and proper handling of potentially hazardous substances.

Assessing the risk…

Electronic equipment can contain not only valuable commodities but also components that are highly toxic, such as chromium, lead, and mercury. That's why we guarantee a no-landfill policy, both domestic and international.

Reaping the benefits…

Responsible electronic reuse and recycling poses benefits to us all, and not just by reducing pollution. You'll also conserve natural resources by reducing the need to extract and process raw materials from the earth for new products. This helps keep technology affordable so it is more available to those who otherwise might not have access to it.

How the recycling process at DRM works…

The most common commodities we recover from e-waste include varying grades and varieties of aluminum, CRT glass, plastic, PC board, and steel. Our process cleans, separates, sorts and shreds these materials so they can be sold and distributed to manufacturers and producers around the world granting them new life rather than filling our landfills.

After assets reach our facility and are cataloged, our end-of-life electronics recycling process begins. In the pre-picking stage, all non-repairable or upgradable assets are sorted on a conveyor line. Any items that should not be shredded (batteries, UPS battery systems, toner cartridges) are removed by hand before entering the shredder.

After the assets are pre-picked, the remaining material flows into the shredding line. The main shredder breaks the material down into 4-inch by 10-inch fragments, which are then passed to a second shredder that reduces them further. The result is poker chip-sized fragments optimal for the separation processes.

We understand that if the quality of the material we feed into our recycling line is poor, then the quality of our output material will also be poor, and the quality of our output determines its value. Effective and efficient commodity separation is key components of our end-of-life e-waste recycling process as a result. In fact, we boast a separation process that is unparalleled in the recycling industry today.

The shredded material enters our separation line and is segregated into appropriate commodity types in stages using eddy currents, optical identification, and magnetic separation. The first stage separates plastics and metals, and the second stage separates the metals collected into different varieties for processing.

The remainder of the process varies greatly by individual material, but rest assured that process is done properly and securely to recover the maximum value from your e-waste without damaging the environment.

Get started today…

As a full-service end of the life technology asset management company, DRM maintains the ability to process a wide variety of equipment. DRM customer service agents are experts at designing customized solutions that reduce data security and environmental risks associated with disposing of computer and electronic equipment. For additional information about NCMSS e-waste recycling, asset recovery and remarketing, data security solutions, asset disposition, flexible and secure logistics services or environmentally responsible processes, contact us today at (415) 366-8120 or by email: with any questions.

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