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IT Asset Recovery
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Your goals become ours as we strive to improve your bottom line. Your customized remarketing plan will include:

  • Appraisal and inspection
  • Management and logistics
  • Packaging and sanitization
  • Inventory storage and transportation
  • A secure chain of custody
  • Protection from data liability
  • Environmental health and safety and security
  • Comprehensive audits and reports
  • Testing and refurbishing
  • An experienced resale team
  • Guaranteed revenue

Maximize the value of your idle or decommissioned assets.

If you have downsized, moved, or merged, or updated and find yourself with excess technology, we can help you recover value from your assets via remarketing. Our extensive bank of downstream vendors and end-users can make use of your old desktops, notebooks, servers, laptops, telephone, networking gear, telecommunication equipment, monitors and more to provide you with a return on your investment while helping reduce waste.

We recognize that many unwanted assets still have life and value, and our goal is to recover it for you. We'll test, clean, refurbish and repair your assets to ensure the highest possible remarketing value is acquired and delivered to you. We settle for nothing less than fair market value, but aim to exceed it.

Remarketing your IT equipment offers rewards beyond financial gain as well, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your efforts kept your company's assets from becoming a part of the ever-growing technological waste problem in our country, after all, our planet is our greatest resource.

Maximizing your IT asset ROI

We maintain long-term relationships with a wide range of qualified buyers. Our buyers purchase all manner of product quantities, and we only direct equipment to trusted vendors that have established responsible supply chains.

If it is determined your equipment is unfortunately not of value and has reached the end of its life, we'll offer additional recycling options. Rest assured, however, we make every effort to remarket all assets we receive to maximize your return. We resell hundreds of assets daily.

We even offer consignment sale on request if you prefer. We strive to provide flexible options for our clients. Our sales work on a percentage-split system and all sales must be made within a predetermined period. If this timeframe elapses, we will offer to purchase the remaining products under our normal business model.

Thanks to our established network of interested parties throughout the Americas, the assets we present for sale are often liquidated quickly.

With DRM, you'll receive:

  • An aftermarket share that exceeds wholesale
  • A lower total cost of ownership
  • Guaranteed payments (excludes consignment)
  • Zero financial risk

Secure Data

We'll safeguard your equipment by eliminating the data security risks associated with IT asset remarketing to provide unrivaled security. Our process is compliant to industry standards and backed by an audit-ready chain of custody.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) states that data erasure is especially important when storage media is transferred, recycling or otherwise disposed of to protect security. We are compliant with data destruction methods presented in NIST SP 800-88.

Our revolutionary, one of a kind asset remarketing model..

  • Remarkets aging used computer, telecommunications and networking equipment.
  • Obtains a fair market value on every asset we receive
  • Proactively markets your assets.
  • Utilizes a state of the art system that is continuously updated
  • Boasts success only after you do. If you aren't happy with your return, either are we.
  • When we say your bottom line is our concern, we mean it.

Appraisal Services and IT Asset Valuation

We handle all service requests whether they be to value a single item of an entire data center. Our valuation team is award-winning and will provide a detailed and accurate evaluation of your surplus network, computer and telecom equipment. We'll grant you access to our unmatched IT sales analytics system to provide you unrivaled business insight and the expertise to interpret it.

Strong relationships make strong companies, and we are committed to providing secure and environmentally responsible IT asset remarketing. We adhere to strict policies and undergo regular external and internal audits to ensure all legislative regulations are met and the standards we require of ourselves are maintained-and we have high standards.

DRM has a stringent "no landfill" policy. All the assets that enter our facility are either recycled or reused and are never exported. We follow NIST, DOD and NAID standards to eliminate security risks. We double-check all of our data destruction and sanitation process by audits to ensure our entire system is audit-ready and can provide protection and accountability.

Our commitment to security, the environment and safety coupled with our vast experience in the remarketing and re-use industry guarantees you'll receive optimal value for your retired electronics and the highest degree of regulatory compliance and security.

If you're looking to remarket or refurbish your IT assets, call us today for free quote to maximize their value and the return on your investment.

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