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IT Asset Processing
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Processing of IT Assets

When you have computers and other electronic equipment that is ready for retirement, DRM offers processing that is handled to a high standard of both data security and environmentally responsible disposal.

We are always looking for opportunities to earn recovery rebates for our customers through remarketing reusable equipment and components. It is our goal to 'cascade IT equipment to its next best use' - however, we can also do complete physical destruction if that is required. There are several options offered for the ways in which we can sort, inventory, and handle your equipment. Please see the information below for more about our processing services, and feel free to contact us to determine the right combination of services for your needs.

Overview of Processing Activities

DRM is happy to match our services to the specific needs of each customer to make sure they get exactly what they need for proper IT asset retirement.

All processing services include the following:

  • The secure destruction of data - both electronically by overwriting, and physically via shredding - at a DRM facility
  • Top-notch recycling services. We don't export to developing countries items like hazardous waste or non-working whole units
  • After all, equipment has been processed, we will issue a corresponding Certificate of Destruction and Disposition Report
  • Opportunities for rebates on resalable equipment

Tracking and Reporting

We use a reporting system which is able to interface with nearly every asset management program on the market. You will be provided with both electronic and hard copies of the information you need on assets that you want to identify. Additionally, leased equipment that has specific return terms can be put through our asset recording and reporting services to satisfy those terms.

Information Destruction

DRM is well-aware of how important the data is on your computer to you, and how vital it is that this data is protected.

Because of this, we offer a guarantee on the physical or electronic destruction of your data. No matter if your data is passed through our in-house shredders for physical destruction, or it is wiped away by our trained technicians, rest assured that it is gone forever.

Refurbishing & Resale

Getting a return of some residual value from your IT assets is a vital component on keeping your total cost of ownership down. DRM understands this and works to help you turn your retiring assets into revenue through our bulk wholesale or eBay program.

Demanufacturing for Recycling

There are a variety of processing technologies that DRM can use to return the best possible yield from electronic equipment that has reached the end of its useful life.

Unwanted electronics can be transformed into recyclable resources by a combination of our manual disassembly techniques and on-site shredding and separation technologies. At the same time, we take care to properly contain hazardous materials.

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As a full-service end of the life technology asset management company, DRM maintains the ability to process a wide variety of equipment. DRM customer service agents are experts at designing customized solutions that reduce data security and environmental risks associated with disposing of computer and electronic equipment.

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