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IT Asset Disposition
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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Program

At DRM, we are committed to delivering cost-effective environmentally friendly asset recovery and liquidation services. Our process is designed to maximize the value of your equipment while making every effort to recycle, reduce, and reuse to protect our planet for future generations.

Our ITAD program integrates numerous electronics recycling processes into one convenient package to help reduce your cost of ownership while also releasing you from certain liabilities that can be involved in acquiring and re-selling IT equipment. Our efficient and cost effective services are available both off- and on-site and include equipment auditing, logistics, and information cleansing. You’ll be provided with status updates along the way as well as a complete report once the process is complete.

What do you get with our complete asset recovery and liquidation services?

DRM team has over a decade of experience working with businesses like yours to liquidate excess equipment. We specialize in minimizing e-waste costs while also addressing legal, security, and environmental concerns. Our comprehensive single-source solution mitigates the data security and environmental risks that may be associated with the disposal of your end-of-life assets to create a zero-risk situation. Our certified services even exceed EPA requirements and can be customized to fit your needs while remaining secure. Our eco-friendly services focus on sustainability with a commitment to extending the practical life of every asset we receive while also upgrading them to reduce their environmental impact.

By choosing to responsibly manage your end-of-life assets via DRM, you’ll not only be ensuring that your equipment never ends up in a landfill, dumped illegally, or exported, but you may turn your obsolete equipment into revenue by salvaging value from your e-waste and avoiding costly legal risks.

A detailed look at our integrated IT asset liquidation and reuse program:

Valuation of Assets: We understand that to get the most for your assets, you need to understand the present market. We continuously update an extensive database of secondary market knowledge to track the past, watch the present, and project the future so we can maximize the return on your investment. In our evaluation process, we’ll evaluate your end-of-life electronics and offer you a detailed report on the return you could receive on your investment. Our company is transparent throughout all steps of the process, and you are welcome to attend your valuation to ask questions and observe.

Transportation and Logistical Support: You can trust that your assets will be safe and secure with DRM. We track each and every asset with a unique security tag to ensure a secure chain of custody. Our transportation and logistics services include coordinated pick-up on- or off-site and transportation to and from our central office. Depending on the condition of your equipment, we can redeploy, upgrade, repair, remarket, resell or recycle them for you.

Management and Technical Support: Throughout all steps of our recovery and liquidation process explained here, we offer management and technical advice. As a single-source provider we handle your assets from start to finish and are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Testing and Auditing: Once we’ve received your assets and tagged them for tracking in our system, we perform extensive testing to determine the best course of action to maximize the return you receive on your investment. All items are audited on arrival and departure for security. You’ll receive both a full report of our test results and audit as well as real-time updates on the status of your item compliments of its tracking tag.

Data Security: Your security is our top priority as we recognize many retired IT assets can contain sensitive information. That’s why we implement D.O.D 5220.22M on all applicable equipment we receive. D.O.D 5220.22M is a data wiping process used by the Department of Defense, and there is no better process to protect your security. Upon completion of our services, you’ll received a data destruction certificate for your records which also meets all legal requirements should you need to support your compliance.

Where your assets are headed next depends on the results of our tests, but may include one or more of the following:

Recovery: Assets that present an existing market value are recovered to return to the market, and remember, we guarantee a full wipe of all information that may have previously have been present. Then, we’ll reach out to our vast network of trusted vendors to find value in your items that other companies often overlook.

Refurbishing: In cases, equipment may require upgrades or repair to maximize its value. Our expert team can restore your assets to top condition—often even better to increase their worth for recovery.

Remarketing: Our end-user network is one the most comprehensive in the nation. Once we’ve refurbished or tagged your assets for recovery, we’ll formulate a customized professional marketing and sales plan. We find buyers others can’t and match equipment to the right buyer—we can promise top dollar returns as a result.

Recycling: If your assets are determined to be beyond refurbishment, upgrade or repair, they will be evaluated for reclamation. We’ll determine if components can be stripped for reuse, resold, or otherwise salvaged, and map out a responsible plan of action to dispose of any remaining material. We are a zero landfill, zero incineration, zero export company and always strive to recycle or reuse as much material as possible so disposal is quite rare.

Redeployment: Finally, we may be able to upgrade or repair your assets for reuse within your own company saving you the cost and trouble of finding new equipment. You’ll always be offered this option before we opt to remarket your assets.

We also offer a few optional services for your convenience which include:

  • On-site or remote value assessments before pick-up of your assets
  • Removal and dismantling of your assets on-site
  • Quarantine areas for IT assets in transition while you make a decision
  • Refurbishment of assets for donation, redeployment, lease return, or auction to employees or the public

Benefits of our asset recovery services at a glance…

  • Assets are reused or recycled to reduce waste and protect the environment
  • Assets are securely packaged to prevent damage during transport
  • Assets are tagged to provide a strict custody chain throughout the process
  • Our system offers real-time status updates on your assets
  • Our services are certified
  • Our services are cost-effective and efficient
  • Enjoy the convenience of working with a single source
  • We offer both off- and on-site services
  • We maximize your recovery value, guaranteed
  • We are ISO and R2 standard compliant
  • You receive a certificate of destruction for your records

With DRM, you can get all of the above from a single company.

Because assets recovery is so complex, it can often require multiple vendors to complete the process. Between shippers, packagers, storage vendors, inventory keepers, data destruction providers, logistic teams, and disposal management and recycling firms, things can get quite complicated, but not with DRM. We offer a one-stop solution to save you time, trouble, and money.

Our experienced team will listen to your goals and design a customized program to satisfy your needs while achieving the following:

  • Establish goals
  • Analyze assets
  • Create a multi-channel plan to maximize your return on investment
  • Execute, measure, and report your results in a timely manner

Get started today…

As a full-service end of life technology asset management company DRM maintains the ability to process a wide variety of equipment. DRM customer service agents are experts at designing customized solutions that reduce data security and environmental risks associated with disposing of computer and electronic equipment.

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