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Chain of Custody
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The Unbreakable Chain of Custody

Direct Resource Management invested in the development of a secure end-to-end business process management system that manages technologies, people, processes and infrastructure to ensure the highest level of quality during the chain of custody process of our clients' technology assets.

DRM's Unbreakable Chain of Custody ensures your security and offers peace-of-mind after your shipment leaves your facility. Guarding your corporate brand and ensuring assets are suitably managed is central to DRM' business operations.

When DRM picks up equipment, tracking begins. E-scan is our enhanced Unbreakable Chain of Custody service that makes visual tracking quick and easy. Our photographic scanner, captures images of serial numbers every item, permitting an enhanced level of security. We offer online tracking of assets, and follow these steps to ensure every item is accounted for from pickup to receiving:

1: DRM drivers confirm item quantities. Serial numbers are matched to inventory lists

2: Tracking begins when equipment leaves your place, and DRM receiving agents sign for equipment when it arrives at our facility

3: At a secure location, serial numbers are checked again against the shipping manifest and then secured in a locked cage

4: Audit and processing personnel prepare the equipment transfer report and deliver it to the client, completing the Unbreakable Chain of Custody process

CCTV surveillance and sophisticated alarm systems monitor storage facilities. Maximum measures are enforced to protect your sensitive information

DRM's online reporting provides visibility for:

  • Pick-up and Delivery Schedules and Dates
  • Receiving and Settlement Dates
  • Billing
  • Certificate Issue Dates
  • Process Completion Dates

The DRM ITAD Chain of Custody Process

  • Electronics are cataloged by serial number. If no serial number exists, units are tagged with a proprietary DRM asset tag for easy identification and tracking.
  • Electronic data is destroyed by DRM's trained staff. Data destruction processes meet NSA and Department of Defense standards, as-well-as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, FACTA, and other state and federal compliance statutes.
  • Additional data destruction protocols, like degaussing, can be employed, based upon a client-approved data-elimination plan.
  • Corporate identity information is removed from all electronics.
  • DRM's industrial electronic media shredders destroy unwanted materials.
  • DRM's clients are given a target destruction list, and a notarized data destruction Certificate when the job completed. The Certificate is a legal document of a performance, which and can be used by the customer for auditing and reporting needs.
  • All DRM employees undergo comprehensive background investigations, are United States citizens, must accept and sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement, and must participate in ongoing security procedure training
  • DRM's facilities undergo constant inspection, monitor, ng and protection, to ensure the security of each client's electronic assets and information
  • Every DRM vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems and intrusion protection.

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